Saturday, May 14, 2011

K8.0 Donate Your Body Organs

Once a lady went to Mahatma Gandhiji in his ashram & told about her problems. She requested Mahatma to advise her son not to eat so much of sweets as it was not good for his health. Mahatma replied her to come back again after one week. Next week when she went back, Mahatma advised her son & he readily agreed. Boy had a very positive influence from Mahatma. Lady was quite amazed but happy. She asked Mahatma, why does he told her to wait for one week & come back later, to which Mahatma replied, "I myself had a bad habit of eating sweets & i am not supposed to advise people anything which i don't follow or apply in my life. So i needed one week to get rid of this habit before i can advise your son"
Today in this world we will find lots of people roaming here & there, giving advise to people but they themself not following in their life. Well, this is another topic & i will discuss it in some another post. Here i narrated this story, so that before i advise people about organ donation, i myself has to make sure i am ready for it. Below is my organ donation card.
We all want to be remembered - remembered for who we are, what we've accomplished and the difference we've made. One way to make a difference is by donating organs.Organ donation is a wonderful legacy we can leave behind. Donating our organs after we are gone is the closest we can come to giving life to another individual. It is possible for a single donor to donate organs and tissues that may help as many as 50 recipients.


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